Terms of sales

All orders placed imply the client's full acceptance of these Terms of Sale, without any reservation whatsoever. Le Charme des Mille-feuilles is a trade name of Claire Michelon Traductions SARL, a French company directed by Claire Michelon. In case of dispute, only the French version of this document shall be valid.

Order acceptance and claims→ Any order that remains undisputed within 15 calendar days of the order being delivered by Le Charme des Mille-feuilles shall be deemed accepted. A detailed account of the grounds for such a dispute or complaint must be provided. Disputes or claims regarding modifications in the style of a text, personalisations or substitutions with synonyms without the client having provided a glossary in advance, shall not be considered. → In any event, the responsibility of Claire Michelon Traductions shall be limited to the order amount.

Deadline→ The lead-time indicated in the quote shall be in working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays. The lead-time shall run from the moment Le Charme des Mille-feuilles receives the order approval reply by email.

Cancellation, Changes and Additions→ The cancellation of a previously approved quote will incur a compensation payment that is proportional to the time already spent by Le Charme des mille-feuilles on the order and that is no less than 25% of the order amount: the work already done will be invoiced in full (100%) and the remaining work will be invoiced at 50% of the agreed price. Any modification applied to the text after the work as already started will result in a pro-rata price increase.

Privacy→ Le Charme des mille-feuilles agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the non-public information to which it is exposed in fulfilling the order.

Payment→ Pursuant to the French law of 1 January 2009, after a period of 45 days end of month or 60 days net from the date of issue of the invoices, interest on arrears of 20% and a penalty for collection charges of €40 will be applied. The texts shall remain the intellectual property of Le Charme des mille-feuilles until payment of the invoice.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, I inform you about the way Le Charme des mille-feuilles handles personal data.

Please accept these conditions or give me your remarks or instructions in this regard, so that I can take the necessary steps.

Processing of personal data : :

1. Contact data

As I mostly work with companies, I generally don’t process personal data. I mostly process company data: email addresses, phone numbers, VAT numbers, SIRET, etc.

I only use them to deliver the projects according to the order or contract: discussions during the order, invoicing, accounting, etc.

I don’t transmit them to third parties. You can direct any request for access or deletion of personal data by email to claire@lecharmedesmillefeuilles.com.

2. Texts

Some texts may contain personal data. I use any source texts and translation to deliver the translation orders. I then keep the documents for one year on the hard drive of my computer, then archive them on an offline hard drive hence protecting against hacking. I keep these texts as a reference and to ensure the coherence between projects.

I don’t transfer the name of my clients or the content of texts to third parties. You can direct any request for access or deletion of personal data in texts by email to claire@lecharmedesmillefeuilles.com.

3. Processing

Le Charme des mille-feuilles acts as a processor for the agencies it works with. In this case, I follow the instructions given by any agency regarding data protection.

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